Changes in Google Summer of Code(GSoC) 2021

Google Summer of Code program has always been popular among university students to kick start their journey to open-source software development.

For the readers who are hearing about this program for the first time, GSoC is a program for students in which they spend their summers working on some open-source projects of some organization selected under the program. The selected students are also provided mentors for the guidance needed during the program.

There are tonnes of articles already available on the internet to know more about the program. Then, why I am writing this one?

The reason is- Google has introduced some big changes in the GSoC program from 2021.

So, let’s discuss, what is different in GSoC 2021?

  1. Reduction of Working Hours:

Earlier the official time commitment for GSoC used to be around 40 hours/week. But, it varied from one organization to another. So, an average of 30 hours/week was required. Now, the official commitment has been reduced to 18 hours/week only. The official announcement says, “Starting in 2021, students will be focused on a 175-hour project over a 10-week coding period.”

See the detailed timeline here:

2. Inclusion of Licensed Coding Bootcamp enrolled Students in the program:

Earlier only the university students could participate in the program. But from 2021, the students enrolled in licensed coding schools can also participate.

3. Reduction in the number of evaluations during the GSoC:

Till GSoC 2020, the students were supposed to pass three evaluations. But from 2021, only two evaluations will be there, and you need to pass them for the successful completion of Google Summer of Code.

4. Reduced Stipends:

Although the official stipends have not been released yet, there will be some cut off in the amount of stipend.

Good Luck, if you are aiming for GSoC 2021 !!

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