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  • Implementing User-Defined Shortcut Feature through GUI
  • Number Scroll via Mouse Wheel in the Text Editor
  • Enhanced Error…

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The article just revolves around all my interview experiences for research internships and on-campus placements

I would start with the most recent interview and proceed in reverse chronological order.

HSBC [On Campus- Full Time]

-> Online Round

Behavioral: Situation specific test involving questions to rearrange…

Google Summer of Code program has always been popular among university students to kick start their journey to open-source software development.

For the readers who are hearing about this program for the first time, GSoC is a program for students in which they spend their summers working on some open-source…

Generally, people have misconceptions about the terms- Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT). They consider Blockchain and DLTs as the same thing. But this is not the case.

Distributed Ledger Technology is a distributed database, similar to a standard Blockchain. …


Why did you stop at this blog? Alright, perhaps you are looking for a short-guide to learn about the different components of Hyperledger Fabric. Isn’t It? 😪

You may have come across many articles about git, and most of them mention basic git commands. But git is itself a big FOSS which has a lot of hidden treasure inside it. …


The article guides you to Hashgraph, a patented Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT) in the form of a Directed Acyclic Graph(DAG) and its unique underlying consensus algorithm.

Why I am writing on it, and what brings me to know about Hashgraph?


Originally published at -https://www.cevgroup.org/proof-of-what-series-proof-of-workpow/

This series covers some of the popular methods of consensus being used in current public blockchain networks.

Before diving deep into the stream. To make things more clear, let’s understand which type of consensus protocol can be used in case of public blockchain networks.

In the…

Originally taken from-


This short-article focusses on one of the most popular consensus problems in distributed computing known as “Byzantine’s General Problem” and when a distributed system is said to be Byzantine Fault Tolerant.
Various Byzantine Fault Tolerant algorithms are being used in Permissioned Blockchain Networks e.g Hyperledger Sawtooth is…

Hrishabh Sharma

GSoC 2020 | Blockchain | Senior Undergrad

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