About the Project

  • Implementing User-Defined Shortcut Feature through GUI
  • Number Scroll via Mouse Wheel in the Text Editor
  • Enhanced Error…

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The article just revolves around all my interview experiences for research internships and on-campus placements

I would start with the most recent interview and proceed in reverse chronological order.

HSBC [On Campus- Full Time]

-> Online Round

Behavioral: Situation specific test involving questions to rearrange…


The article guides you to Hashgraph, a patented Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT) in the form of a Directed Acyclic Graph(DAG) and its unique underlying consensus algorithm.

Why I am writing on it, and what brings me to know about Hashgraph?

Hrishabh Sharma

GSoC 2020 | Blockchain | Senior Undergrad

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